Leanne & Taylor

"Ashley is, without a doubt, the most amazing wedding photographer to work with. She is incredibly professional, funny, and a joy to work with. When my husband and I were planning our out of town wedding (which is already stressful enough), Ashley really took her time to make sure that we would be getting the photos we wanted.

On the day of our wedding, Ashley showed up right on time and was ready to rock! She stayed the entire day with us and took the most gorgeous and candid photos. Everyone is still raving about how stunning the pictures are! I have already recommended her to a couple of my friends for their wedding and family photos! You will honestly regret not booking Ashley Stone Photography for your wedding."


Shannon & Anthony

"Ashley met up with us and went over details and pricing, asked if we had any questions or concerns. Her pricing is amazing for the quality, you most certainly get a bang for your buck! Also, we had not planned anything else yet and she pulled out a pamphlet showing different options for DJs, makeup artists, hair stylists, etc. We could have done everything right through her! We both love the professionalism and eye for detail Ashley has. 

When it came time for the wedding, Ashley was on top of things! She caught a very important moment for me, watching my husband cry as he saw me for the first time. Our wedding photos are so perfect. Every photo Ashley captures shows love, raw emotion and important memories. My husband and I both love and adore her patience . We will continue to use Ashley as our photographer through all stages of life. We are happy to not only call her our photographer, but our friend."


Mercedes & Uriel

"We booked with Ashley for our engagement photos and fell in love with the results and looked forward to her being our wedding photographer. Let's just throw out there that our wedding party was gigantic! My husband is the youngest of thirteen children and a big family, while I am the oldest child and have a big family as well. Needless to say, our bridal party was at least over 30 people including bridesmaids, groomsmen, and around 11-13 flower girls. That can't be an easy task for any photographer!

She handled the bridal party very well and we successfully got bridal party pictures after the ceremony. She then generously drove with us to the location we wanted to take bridal pictures at with just the bride and groom. We took amazing pictures at the Mesa Temple! She did such an amazing job guiding us through different poses and getting different angles of us and our family. Not only did she capture moments of us, but all of our family and friends laughing, dancing, and having a wonderful time. All in all, she just captured every moment I would have wanted to remember of our special day. The photos turned out beautiful. I truly appreciated her patience and dedication to recording our special moments. She was the best photographer professionally and personally. We still book her for pictures to this very day and we are never disappointed by the stunning pictures she provides."


Danni & Brad

"We had just been married and booked a bridal session down at the Salt River with Ashley. We arrived at the river shortly before sunset to time the shoot with that setting. Ashley said she had some creative plans for some of the shots and poses and we were anxious to pose and see what it would look like. Unbelievably, less than 100 yards from where we were shooting just happened to be roughly 10 wild horses grazing around in the shallow water of the river!

Ashley asked us if we’d be willing to pose in the water, she took a handful of shots and then shared that she wanted to use a purple smoke bomb to add some different effects to some pictures. We were super excited to see what the photos would look like, but were absolutely blown away when we actually got to see the end results. The pictures turned out amazing! They looked like something out of a romance novel and I couldn’t believe it was us in the pictures! We have a photo, which is the background on my phone as I write this, that has me standing in the water, dipping my wife down while kissing her...smoke billowing through the air...with wild horses in the background! It’s one of my favorite pics of us! Ashley was truly a pleasure to work with...attentive, polite, inclusive, and the most important, an excellent photographer! If you’re someone considering Ashley as your photographer for any occasion, you can rest easy that you’re going to have a great experience!"


Meresia & Johnnie

"Planning my wedding all on my own was a bit overwhelming. I was on a tight budget and price shopped just about every aspect of what i needed for my big day. There were so many options and none of them were what I expected as far as cost went. I had even won a free session of engagement pics and the photographer flaked on me. I thought to myself all the decent photographers were way out of budget and the cheap ones didn't show up or their amateur experience showed in the work. That is when I found Ashley. I booked a valentines mini and loved the images. I booked a boudoir next and finally my wedding day. I was shocked at the quality of work for her cost. It was such a weight lifted off my shoulders financially and knowing what to expect. I got to know Ashley over the past year and will continue to use her services as she has shown me how passionate she is about her work. I had other friends married at the same time and they regret not booking her for theirs. They went with big name companies that did not put as much time into capturing the right moments or editing the images."


Amanda & Liz

"Ashley has such a talent. She sees things the average person does not making her pictures one of a kind. She has an eye to recreate life's special moments, and boy did she capture ours! My bridal experience with Ashley was so carefree and wonderful. She came and just blended in with the bridal party and family! I am so glad my wife found Ashley for this special event. Our pictures captured details I did not even see during the big day! I could not recommend a more professional and wonder photographer for your big day!

You will not be disappointed once you book with Ashley! Not only does she gives you your needs and wants she is very specific about all details. Ashley made my day so wonderful. We spoke about what we wanted before hand, so As soon as she walked in she was already snapping pictures, and not wasting any Time capturing many moments I did not see because i was getting ready. She will not fail you! The turn around is also amazing, and the pictures are so beautiful! She's fun, energetic, and professional. You will regret not booking with her, so look no further, she is your photographer!"